Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Successful presales and implementation of FUPOL requires a partner in the respective country. It is the vision to build a long-term strategic partnership. A high level of commitment to the partnership creates focus, creativity, and synergy among the partners. Strategic partners shares ideas, feedback, and imagination for increasing end-user adoption of the FUPOL products. Such a long-term partnership is recognized to be of mutual interest, since it will protect the investment and optimize the return of investment.


The engagement of business partners follows cleary defined stages:

  • Identification of business partners, initial talks
  • MOU
  • Agreement containing a common understanding of the principles and the next steps
  • Selection of a pilot city - A pilot is considered essential for subsequent successful sales activities
  • Localisation of FUPOL marketing and training material
  • Marketing and PR activities to get additional customers


You want to join us as a local support partner?


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